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It's time for GARDENING again!

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OK - admit it.

How many of you planted seeds too early because you wanted to get a head start on the local gardeners only to struggle to keep the sickly lanky things alive indoors because you didn't have enough places to keep them whilst you potted them on cos it was too cold and wet outside, and half of the panes in your greenhouse are broken, so now they're all dead and your having to start again LATE! ...........................................................................................................:mad: :mad:

OK - SO! Just me, then? :hehe:

I have to move my tiny (6ft x 8ft) greenhouse so I can get at yet another wall that needs to be rebuilt.:(

I have built my new base, in its new location, under the tuition of a friend. I decided to make it 2 breeze blocks high so i could build 2 b. block high walls running around the inside forming raised beds (easier on the back) for tomatoes, peppers, and perhaps a cucumber (I'm a cucumber first timer).8)

Great! After putting my 4in x 4in lengths of wood on top of the base so I can fix my greenhouse frame and gain even more height, I am now left with the steepest steps up to and down into the smallest greenhouse in christendom.:eek:

I can see for miles on the top step. and i am now going to have to go out and buy some more lengths of wood to clad the base cos b. blocks look dead ugly. This is proving the most expensive bit of DIY ever.

Fortunately I have some pea and broccoli plants that we grew on the course that are still alive, and i have ended up planting onions and very, very, very, late garlic (should have been done in autumn!!!:p :p ) on my kitchen windowsill, so I'll be able to stick them outside next week.

I have also made 2 wood stores (stores made of wood for storing wood) and heeeeey! they look like a normal person made them!!!:lol: :lol:

The birds are all busy creating a rumpus and squabbling, ripping bits off the trees for nesting. I have seen the owls that have nested somewhere near the garden and produced offspring every year that we have lived here (3 years).

Unfortunately the rook colony is also back directly above the children's trampoline (which is now covered in 'white' and large twigs they have dropped whilst nest building. i'm sure they hurl those twigs at one another.

What a NOISE
! It would be a site more quiet living within spitting distance of the M6.

The builders are due to start our house extension within the next couple of weeks, so prepare for Mrs Stresshead from Stressland on the Slopes of the Mountain Stress type posts .....

Perhaps I'll learn how to post photos this year????:)
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Your hibiscus sounds stunning. I am going to look at them more closely from now on because i do not have any.


I too will be planting out a few veggies this weekend - despite saying i would not be doing any this year. I have some broccoli, tomatoes, peas, got my cucumbers and peppers now, and some new herbs. I have cheated a bit too, but it is easy to get behind. Good luck!

Karly :eek:hno:

I think you are possibly beginning to push it just a tad with the mouthwash idea. :shrug:

Whilst you have my uttmost respect :bow:, and I value the potential I believe you have in making me rich whilst I sit on my bottom, :highfive: I think a little market research might be in order. :calm:

Especially on the liklihood of real human beings putting this particular liquid in their mouths. :sick:

However, I applaud your foresight in tempting people with the addition of alternative flavours (essential I imagine) and colouring. :eat: However, I do wonder if brown is such a good idea? Also ... is coffee breath attractive ... ?

I would like to point out that whilst you continue to have my support, i draw the line at any personal testing of lupie p. products. :stop:

Regarding your last post, pleeeeeease don't worry if you supply runs low and you are unable to supply us. I'm sure we all want you to be successful (me in particular) Whilst your product is bound to be far superior to our own supplies, we might not be your most deserving target market. You must sell, sell, sell to those more needy. :innocent:
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Alwin, thanks for your suggestions, my supply is never going to run out now thanks to lasix.:hehe: ......oh on the gardening points, I must get out and clear the dead stuff so once mother's day has past I can put out the flowers to my content....don't do veggies because I cannot eat fresh ones due to the gastroparesis, but that may change if I go on the medication soon.
ALWIN;506439 said:
Embracing all creatures indeed. I remember feeling really, really sensitive about anything to do with babies in distress, and any type of cruelty or sad happenings when I was pregnant. Even to a fly. Are you feeling like that?

I cannot tell a lie...I dont exactly love all creatures great and small...:blush:

The other day I squished a big hairy spider in my car with such a vengence and not a second They really creep me out, even though I know they are essential to balance out the insect world...I really dont want to share any space with them! :eek:

As it sounds like you are all going to corner the market with just may not make for edible veggies...A neighbor told me mustard powder keeps insects and slugs at bay as well...I have found it to be true to keep away pesky squirrel from my windowsill ripping my screens apart...and a little less volatile than wee!!!

Best of luck with your gardens everyone...SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!:wink2:

Hi Karly

I did not know what gastroparesis was so I did a google. I sounds absolutely awful. I hope you can get some respite with the medication you mentioned, Karly.

Mothers Day! I had forgotten about that. I must put in in my diary under the pile of rubbish on my desk. I always forget to drop hints about getting particular garden plants for mothers day. Then I end up with chocolate, which is all very nice, but I have to share them with the criters that bought them.


No I don't like them all either, but I am trying. Must say I have never squished as spider though. I am one of those 'pick it up and put it outside' types. Unless they land ON me - then i tend to flick and smack and jump about a bit.

Yup! Karly is going to make me rich selling to people who grow 'ornamentals'. I should imagine mustard powder is quite uncomfortable for a slug / snail. Had not heard about that one. I will run it by my group and see what their objections are.

It has sprung here too! We have had some marvelous sunny days and everything is in bloom that ought to be. My dafs and narcissi have been replaced by my tulips and the bluebells are just about to follow on from them. The primulas have been flowering for weeks and weeks.

Builders say they are starting on house in 2 weeks - PANIIIIIIIC!


I spent today (between numerous cups of tea / coffee / looking at nothing in particular and sighing a lot) building the steps and low walls for my raised beds inside my new greenhouse base. Husband is going to move my greenhouse onto it tomorrow. Fingers crossed i have measured everything correctly or my name will be mud. Intend to build cold frames attached to each external long side of greenhouse from next week. Behind or what???

Oh, and I found some lettuce in my old semi collapsed cold frame ... the fairys have been! I hope who ever has given them to me lets me know soon cos i do not remember sowing any lettuce seeds. Got some beetroot and chard from college too. I have never eaten chard so it will be interesting to see what it is like. Don't even know if we are to eat it raw or cooked. Can anybody help? One plant is ruby coloured and the other yellow. Worth having just for the colour!

I want to buy an automatic ventilator for my greenhouse. Can anybody tell me how difficult / easy they are to fit, please? My greenhouse has an aluminium frame.

Also, what do I do after i have planted my 2 cucumbers in the greenhouse? What type of support do they require, and how long / big will the plants be likely to get? The seedlings were given to me, so i have no packet with printed distructions.

Starting to find dead baldy baby birds that have fallen from, or been ousted from nests. Poor little things. Cat still bringing in little mice. Neighbour's got a new squirrel trap (wish he woud leave them alone, really). Anyway, so far he has caught and released a hedgehog and a starling. I have not seen hide nor hair of a squirrel. The owls are still here, so here's hoping for babies again.

Wishing everybody a lovely summer - whether inside or out.

Take good care all.
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I am doing my 1st gardening of the season;) It is just flowers and if I can keep them alive-well onto bigger and better things. I am planting-phlox, nasturtium and portulaca. We live where it gets very, very hot:eek: So I need hearty plants. WISH ME LUCK AND ANY ADVICE Appreciated!!!!!!!

Thanks so much,
Hi Alwin,
I support my cucumbers the same way I support my tomato plants.......twine horizontally tied to the greenhouse frame ........then bits of string dangling from it at intervals for me to guide the plants round. They grow a bit like vines so its hard to say how big they get........about 5 foot maybe.
Cucumbers seem to have a tendancy toward mildew so need a lot of ventilation.

The vent things can't be to hard to fit cos hubby did mine:hehe:

And Alwin.......mothers day is much later in the US. Don't you remember all the lovely presents you received in MARCH:lol:

Hey remember to take time to smell the flowers:calm: after all our hard work.
I'll have a think Becca.

Good luck - I hope everything thrives. What is portulaca?

BigSis - oooooops! I suppose I could fib and say I was planning next year's Mothers Day, but no - I had forgotten! I forget everything these days and repeat myself often.

I do my tomatoes in a similar way. That's really helpful. I'll plant them under the vent.

I love the smell of flowers. The best are roses, honeysuckle, and phlox in my garden, but I am looking forward to my chocolate vine this year. I bought it a couple of months ago at a bargain price because it looked dead, but bits seem to be recovering, so here's hoping...
Portulaca reminds me of impatients, but a much wider variety of color.
My bp was so low that I was not able to garden as I planned. I also bought lilies too:) I can't wait to garden and enjoy it.

Wow a chocolate vine-sounds yummy:lol:

Hello acard.

I'm sorry about your bp. I hope you feel well enough to potter a bit soon.
I love lilies - mine are coming up, and the scales I did in autumn have all sprouted so it's just a case of finding somewhere to plant them where i'm least likely to disturb them for the next 2 years!

Will look up portulaca so can see pictures. Chocolate vine is supposed to smell of vanilla. Is a twining climber with pretty leaves and pinkish / brownish flowers. It seems there used to be cheap chocolate that was flavoured with vanilla and that's why it is so named.

Got some chocolate mint though, and that really does smell of 'after eight' choc mints. I have in in the cracks of my paths so it can't get invade anywhere that matters. The idea being that if you tread on it, it will release the smell.

Struggling to find chocolate cosmos - they really do smell of chocolate too. Should track down seeds really.

Toms, cucumber, peppers now planted in raised beds in greenhouse with a couple of tumbling toms in hanging baskets. Onions, (very late garlick), peas, cut and come again lettuce, and shallots in final places. All covered with wire cages.

Redcurrant bushes absolutley full of flowers with blackcurrants hot on their heels. All chives are in bud. Raspeberry canes have flower buds too. Strawberries flowering and cloched. All I need to do now is beat the mice to them when they turn red.

Shrivelled chitting 'early' spuds still looking forlorn in cellar...

Cat brought a whole intact bird's nest into house yesterday (fed up), then today she brought an adult bird in, but I managed to get it out of her mouth. Gave it to a neighbour whilst I caught the cat and locked her indoors for a couple of hours. Neighbour left it on his patio and said it had gone an hour later. Hope it survived.

The weather has been absolutley glorious.
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