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Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone might have some ideas or been through something similar and can offer me some advice.

I have had pain in my lower jaw for several days which I first thought was to do with a sinus infection and then might be a tooth ache. (apparently sinus doesn't affect the lower jaw) The pain became very severe, I went to the dentist and he did thorough testing including x-rays and came up with nothing. He says my teeth look fine.

The pain continued to become worse and unbearable. I was taking tramol every 4 hours with little relief. Yesterday morning at 6.00 am the pain was so intense that I couldn't stand it. Pacing the floor, flinching feet and rocking and feeling terrible. The pain had become like spasams or electric shocks - reaching along my jaw to my ear and also my chin and it still felt like it was in my tooth, or under a tooth. Even the top teeth were hurting (referred pain?)

My husband took me to the ER and they checked me out, gave me Digesic as I am alergic to codine and so all the good stuff is no good for me! They did ultra sounds of my jaw and neck, took and x-ray of my cheek and jaw. They did all kinds of tests for TMJ but say I don't have that. They are at a loss to know what is happening.

Meanwhile they gave me a box of digesic and told me to take them 4 hourly and to come back if they pain didn't resolve. Well...I need to take them 3 - 3/12 hourly or the pain goes back to the worst pain with the shooting, stabbing spasms.

My worry is, that if I go back to the ER I will not be in severe pain cause I am taking the digesic, so will they take me seriously? I don't want to stop the pain killers as the pain is much to bad for me to bear if I don't have them. I only have enough digesic to last me till 6 am tomorrow. I tried pushing myself this morning by going to 4 1/2 hours between digesic and I could barely cope with the pain.

I think I have just talked myself into going back anyway! Sorry this sounds so convoluted and confused, the drugs make me feel quite out of it.

Could this be anything to do with lupus pain or fibro pain?

I am sad to say I always battle feelings of being a fraud with lupus and fibro, now having this pain that nobody can find a reason for is making me all the more like a failure.

Hoping someone has some good ideas for me.

Sorry for the long whinge.
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