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Hi Everyone,

I had mentioned in a previous post that I am a Licensed/Certified Masssage Therapist, well for the last 2 months I have been receiving Reiki Treatments. The treatments have certainly improved my energy level at times. However, my main reason for this post is to share something that my Reiki Healer shared with me and I had never given this a second thought until she brought it to my attention.

In our conversations she took notice to the fact that I would constantly refer to this illness as "my Lupus." With everything I would describe or discuss with her I would always say, my Lupus this, my Lupus that. It dawned on me that I have done this since a child being first diagnosed. If someone asked how I was I would reply with "my Lupus is acting up,"or "my Lupus is good."

Well, from day one of treatment with her she said something to me that I found very profound and I have made every effort to follow through with it.

She said, I want you to stop referring to this disease as YOURS....."my Lupus".....she said, "by doing this your letting your mind own this illness and you don't! " You don't have ownership of this disease." She described the illness as being there like a blanket on top of me hovering.
Likewise this illness does not own us and I think if we don't obtain the right mindset it's very easy to fall into that feeling that it does own us and that it has more control over our well-being than we do. Turst me I am very guilty of this especially when you are going through such a hard time, with no relief, and finding no answers.

I have found for myself that just changing a small phrase out of my daily vocabulary has made quite an impact on my thinking. I just wanted to share this with you all, and I was curious if you took more notice how many of you would find that you do in fact refer to this illness as "your Lupus?"
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