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Welcome to the forum :)

Lupus is diagnosed by symptoms too, that is, what the patient reports as being wrong as well as by signs, which is what the doctor notices and tests like Xrays reveal. So the question is, what symptoms are you experiencing ?

As it is, the bloodwork has definite indications of lupus: the SED rate means there is inflammation, an abnormally high ANA is a criterion for a lupus diagnosis and the anti Sm and dsNA out of normal range are dead clinchers for a lupus diagnosis, assuming there are symptoms. The anti histone antibodies are often high in lupus but don't play a major role in diagnosis. You already have four important indicators.
It is curious that a CBC and a urine test haven't already been done but maybe she is checking up on them again as part of her own diagnostic testing.

Treatment depends on needs and shouldn't be delayed waiting for worse to happen. The Plaquenil is a disease modifying medicine helps stops disease spreading it is an invaluable medicine with virtually no serious side effects. If there are signs of kidney disease for example, other meds might be used initially.

I suggest you make a list of all your symptoms - what makes you think something is wrong and took you to the doctor's in the first place. Typically there are joint aches and pains, fatigue, hair loss and quite often skin problems. If you check out the Criteria lists pinned at the top of not yet diagnosed you will see a list of the sorts of complaints people have and in the " alternative criteria" list, features of health history that many people with lupus experience.

Fibromyalgia is suffered by about one third of those with lupus.
It is treated for the most part with antidepressant type drugs that help restore better sleep patterns which are a feature of fibro.
Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between what are fibro symptoms and what are lupus symptoms. The only test for fibro is applying pressure to 18 points on the body. If there is an abnormal pain reaction to 11 or more then a diagnosis might be made supported by the patient's account of symptoms.

When is your follow up appointment ?

I'll leave it to others to talk about what we can do for ourselves to make life better with lupus. Nothing can stop the disease progressing if that is what it is going to do, except timely medication, but there are lots of life stye changes that can make life easier and increase general good health as well as not making things harder to bear.

Lupus does not always progress - I get a bit worried when doctors talk about "waiting to see". Waiting what for I wonder. If it is sure it's lupus it should be treated at once. Perhaps she meant wait to see what the urine and CBC tests reveal

I think you will find the forum very useful so don't hesitate to ask any questions. There is lots of information and support here. :)

Let us know how you get on

Bye for now
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