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hey kids

well don't know if you noticed but i haven't been around for awhile but the website noticed.
i was having computer issues, for some odd reason my browser didn't want me to go out in the world. i finally today turned of my firewall and low-an-behold...i'm here. :eek:
i've noticed lot of new names so ... greetings and salutations to all of you who don't me :wavesmile: and for those of you that may know me i've missed you and hope you are all doing well. :rose3:

life has been...well...its been. the holidays were good. my husband bought me a christmas tree, it was absolutely perfect, full, straight and no bare spots. so i decorated the house for the first time in years. it was so pretty that i slept in my recliner chair alot :p , just so i could enjoy the lites.
then of coarse after the holidays i had a flare. almost went to the hospital but being the stubborn little vixen that i am i waited it out and now i'm almost thru it (i think).
my marriage is still the same. we still go to church together, we spent the holidays together. and he still comes over everyweek end and calls me every nite to say good nite. wish i had better news on that issue but i guess santa didn't feel i was a good enuf girl for that present :( .
so i guess thats all for now, since i basically have no life there really isn't alot to talk about.

take care all :grouphug2:

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Welcome back Spellbinder,

It has been a long while since we heard from you. I'm glad you had a wonderful xmas. I was picturing you in that recliner and got a sense of peace there for a minute :)

Hope to see you in chat soon.

Take care

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Hi Spellbinder,

Just the other day we were wondering where all our chat buddies were lately. Glad to see you are back with us again. Sorry to hear about your flare. Hope it doesn't hang on much longer.

Take care,

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Hi Spellbinder,:wavesmile:

It is nice to hear from you.
Computers can be a pain sometimes.:wink2:

I hope you are nearing the end of your flare. Take care of yourself.
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