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Just need to chat

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Finally after three weeks of waiting, my second Rituxan treatment has been approved. For some reason it was put into the "I am not sure pile of paperwork" Despite my symptoms of CNS Lupus getting worse on a daily basis and weekly prednisone IV treatment, they were not sure if I really needed this medication. ( I am having trouble talking, walking, balalncing, seeing etc)

My anger and frustration are passing and know I am again worried about having this treatment and hoping it will last a little longer than the last (it only lasted 3 months).

I know have 5 Rhumie specialist who now look after my treatment. This is apparently knew to all of them - re treating patient with Rituxan in such a short space of time and the fact that the treat ment did not last very long.

Any way on the funny side I did loose my car this week as I picked up my boys from school, a friend did kindly re direct me accross the road to where I parked it, I also got lost at least three times just going to the supermarket, I go there often but I had to call my husband and ask for directions.

Wish me me luck, my treatment is this week and thank you for letting me vent of this.

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Hi Peta

The very best of luck with your re-treatment. It must be a double edged sword for you though - excitement and anxiety all mixed together I'm sure.

I sincerely hope that the next treatment lasts a bit longer :hugbetter:

Its lovely to hear from you and please let us know how the treatment goes and the after effects. Hopefully - all good!

Much love and strength
Vent all you want ;) It sounds like you have enough you may need to get out. Those memory problems are scary - I'm getting worse in this department too. :( My memory problems are more short term issues though - & I'm thankful for that.

I hope the Rituxan works wonders for you the second time around and lasts at least twice as long as the first. Take care - please let us know how it goes.

Hi Peta,

Sending you (((hugs))) and prayers that this treatment will last longer and be more effective.

Hoping things get better for you. I did laugh at your parking story as I can definitely husband gets very frustrated at me all the time since I can never remember where I left the car when we go shopping. :)

Take care and keep us posted,
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