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hi kids

hope you are all doing well today. i'm still down for the count. i knew i was having alittle flare with this cold but i thought it would pass quickly well, that was wishful thinking :eek:hno:. the cold isn't quite as bad as it was but someone replaced my knee with a softball, and now the fever and chills :temp:. then this past tues i started feeling really bad. i laid down and suddenly my chest started hurting, like someone was squeezing it. it was kinda difficult to breathe deep. then my stomach started cramping and then the dam burst, i started hurling big time, :sick: i thought i was gonna die. called my husband to come over again to feed the cats and we thought it mite be time for a trip to the er :stretcher:. but i wouldn't go. i hate the er. so i've been down for a week and a half with no signs of getting better. my fever is down just below 100, which is good. but my knees and the rest of me hurts. my hands and little feets are like icecubes. my knees sound like crunching corn flakes when you bend them and my head feels to heavy for my little body. i haven't felt like this for a long time. last time i was like this i ended up in the hospital for a month. the most upsetting part is my drivers license expires this weekend and i don't think i can make it to renew it. i don't have the energy to wash my hair :eek:. and i'm so tired :yawn:.
anyhoo...i feel like crap!! and living alone doesn't help much either :sorry:. my husband come over when i call but that just makes me feel like crazy aunt gertrude in the old folks home, showing up with flowers and candy.

so that me today...i know that there is a lite at the end of tunnel i can only hope its the train.

take care and thanks for reading
hugs and kisses

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Spell binder,
Ok, first off why would anyone want to take you out and shoot you :rotfl:? I know I wouldn't want to :eek:. I think that is very nice of your husband to come over and feed the cat for you. Now, why did you not go to the er again? I know I hate them too but it is better to be seen at the er and get meds and go home instead of waiting like you did the last time and being in the hospital for a month right? One trip to the er or a month in the hospital ;). It sounds like you have already been hit by the train, why would you want to see another one :lol:? Ok, now i am sure you have smiled at least once. I am sorry that you feel so bad, but please at least see if you can get in to see the gp that takes care of you even if you are feeling a little better they might have something that can help you a lot more. The problems with your breathing and chest concern me greatly. It maybe be a cold but I am sure that you need checked out soon. You have to understand that the longer we wait the worse we make it on ourselves then we go around kicking ourselves in the bottom because we could of stopped all of this with one call or visit to the ER :p. Ok, enough said please keep me updated on how you are doing and I do hope you feel better soon.

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Hi Spellbinder,

If that chest gets any worse I suggest you see your GP. My doc always says it is better to have a false alarm than catch something when it starts getting out of control.

I totally understand the not wanting to wash the hair thing. Many a time it seems like such a big obstacle. However I have usually found a warm shower helps the joints. Plus once I am clean I feel like a new person. Do you have a seat or stool for the shower? Sitting while showering and drying your hair definitely saves energy.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

Take care,
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