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:( Unfortunately, all the paperwork necessary for Keegan:dog: to come home is not in yet so I am looking at the middle of next week for when I can go pick him up. I was quite upset and distressed since I have been looking forward to this for a long time so far. But when I talked to the breeder about him she told me some things about him that made me smile.
:) He is the fattest of all the pups weighing in at 4 pounds 3 ounces (2 months)
:hehe: He is the most laid back of all the puppies, he will play with the others but decides that it is all so tiring and will go lay down to sleep:wink2: Sounds a lot like me!
I wanted a lower energy dog and it seems like the one I chose was the correct one. Rebecca the breeder said he is about the size of a can of soup! That is so tiny, I think the itty bitty t-shirt I got for him so he will stay warm on potty runs outside may have to be adjusted so it realy fits him.:shiver: Anyway, some more waiting and eventually it will be time for hiim to come home. I can hardly wait to have him here, only a little while longer, hopefully.:wink2: Karly
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