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Hi everyone

I ran across this the other day and thought I would share it with you.

Keep your dreams-they're richer far
than the facts discovered are.
Do not seek all things to touch;
Do not want to know too much.
Growing old, still play the child;
Keep some glory undefiled.
What if clouds are mist and air?
Still see ships sailing there.
What would life be if we knew
Only those things of bad and good
Were by all men undersstood.
Nature's bills and brooks and springs
Would be catalogued as things.
Keep your dreams, for in them lies
Joy denied to men grown wise.
Still build castles in the air!
Still see white ships sailing there!
Still have something to pursue,
Something which you wish you knew.

Hope it gets you to thinking.

Just a note: I am feeling somewhat better. Still not real good. I have a hard time sitting in one spot for any length of time is why I haven't been on lately.

Have a wonderful day everyone and I miss all of you.
Lou :wink2:

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That's very nicely put Lou :)

sorry to hear you're still not great. I hope you get back to being a lot better really soon.

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