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Ketones...Trace..What does this mean

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Got blood work back and for the first time I saw something next to Ketones...It said trace. I got a copy of blood work from doc and he did not say a word about it. Read copy of blood work after I saw doc. What does this mean?

Thanks Elaine
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Unless you have diabetes, then ketones in the urine generally means you hadn't eaten in a while prior to the test (over 12 hours) and/or you had only eaten protein/fat or were in a state of relative starvation (eating little over the past few days or more).

The doctor didn't mention it because unless you have diabetes then it's a rather insignificant finding. People on the Atkin's diet actually aim to get ketones in their urine by eating only protein and fat... it is a sign the body is burning fat for fuel.

So it's not a whole lot to worry about...
Hi Dudley,

I had some in my last urinalysis too, but who knows why. I tend to burn fat for energy it seems when I am in a bad way and I was in a bad doc wasnt too concerned, either that or he had no clue :hehe:
In the lead up to that result I had been eating normally, so who knows.

Thanks Mia and Lily,

Yes I was on the Atkin's diet at that time. I gain weight by just looking at it. Lost 5 of the 10 lbs I gained over the Holidays on the diet.

Thanks for your response

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