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Kickboxing & dancing for Lupus

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hi all .. was not sure where to post this so if am on the wrong board then sorry!

I have Lupus and after years of struggling to find meds that would let me live my life I found some last year thanks to the wonderful people at St Thomas Hospital .....:)

So in order to say thank you to them for giving me a life back i decided i would raise funds for the ST Thomas Lupus Trust. I am doing this by participating in a Kickboxing fight on October 25th 08 at the Circus Tavern in Essex in front of approx 2000 people (it also happens to be the night that the world heavywieght title is being contended Anyone who wants to sponsor me can do online at smartgive. com / fight for lupus

Also I am organising a Club night at a large nightclub in Bedford (capacity 1100 people) .. so far we have some of the best UK drum & Bass and House DJ's who have given their time to play a set for us... this will be a ticket only event so if you can get to Bedford & would like tickets please message me! .... I am also looking for donations in the form of treats to put in 60 goody bags that will be given out on the night & sponsors to fund printing etc ...If anyone can help please message me :more:

My aim is to raise as much as I can and the Club event has already been confirmed as an annual event but also I want to create as much awareness as possible about Lupus and this is working as we already have the students at the local universities asking 'what is Lupus?' and we are spreading the word!

Love & Hugs to all


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