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Kidney and bladder problems

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Back from Ultra sound

I was surprised that after emptying my bladder I retained 286 cc of urine. My Urologist last time I was that high diagnosed me with MS. Neurologist said no MS.

Now I am learning you can have bladder problem with Lupus. Lupus nepatis (sp) which will cause you retained urine. Twenty minutes later I was asked to empty my bladder again. Even after emptying my bladder the 2nd time I still retained 165 cc.

My Urologist said that if I continually retained over 100 cc to self catharize myself. I really don't want to do this but I am getting more UTI infections. So I guess I am back to self catharizing myself, no fun.

Yesterday I had 40 blood test done (9 tubes of blood were taken). Today the ultra sound showed urine retention, and I have kidney problems. What else it showed I am not sure.

My face, hands, are continuing to swell. Like I told my doctor I am also in lots of pain like 365 days of year 24/7.

Hoping for answers soon. I am going back to see my doctor October 31, not soon enough for these answers.


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Hi Gerri,

I am glad to hear they are doing further testing. Maybe once they get all the results back they will have a better picture of what is going on and start you on the appropriate treatment.

May your week fly by quickly,
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