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Kidney and bladder problems

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Back from Ultra sound

I was surprised that after emptying my bladder I retained 286 cc of urine. My Urologist last time I was that high diagnosed me with MS. Neurologist said no MS.

Now I am learning you can have bladder problem with Lupus. Lupus nepatis (sp) which will cause you retained urine. Twenty minutes later I was asked to empty my bladder again. Even after emptying my bladder the 2nd time I still retained 165 cc.

My Urologist said that if I continually retained over 100 cc to self catharize myself. I really don't want to do this but I am getting more UTI infections. So I guess I am back to self catharizing myself, no fun.

Yesterday I had 40 blood test done (9 tubes of blood were taken). Today the ultra sound showed urine retention, and I have kidney problems. What else it showed I am not sure.

My face, hands, are continuing to swell. Like I told my doctor I am also in lots of pain like 365 days of year 24/7.

Hoping for answers soon. I am going back to see my doctor October 31, not soon enough for these answers.


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Our immune systems aren't really overactive - they are malfunctioning. It's more that if you already have one thing going on, the autoimmune disease activity in this case lupus, the immune system's resources are less capable of dealing with anything additional.
The autoimmune disease provides an opportunity for infections that would otherwise be more readily resisted, in much the same way that bacterial infections often follow viral infections.

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