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Kidney biopsy question

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I feel like kind of an idiot for not asking this question when my biopsy was scheduled, but I've been a bit foggy lately, and forgot to ask, so here goes.

Does anyone know how long you typically stay in recovery (i.e. before you can go home) when you have had a standard needle biopsy of the kidney? A friend is driving me home after my biopsy on Tuesday, and I have no idea what to tell her in terms of when to come get me!

I'm sure it varies depending on the protocols in the place you get it done and how quickly you recover, but a ballpark estimate would be very helpful!

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I do the same thing when I hear that you need this test. I zone out and forget to ask questions. Then only thinking of them when I am in the car going home.

I don't have the experience with a kidney biopsy. I wanted to wish you luck and I will be thinking of you on Tues.

Maybe on Monday you could give your doctors office a call and see what they say?

Let us know how it goes.

Hi Lisa,

One site I looked at said the stay would be between 6 to 24 hours depending on how you do. I thought this link might help you.

I would still follow Lyn's advice to call though. Each place has it's own protocol.

Take care,
hi lisa
i've had 3 done. the 1st time i had to stay in bed for 24hrs flat on my back. 2nd and 3rd i was up after 4 hours because i had no problems after. it took 24-48 hours for my test results to come back. depending on what the doctors need you for after you should be home in about 2 days. do not lift anything or take asprin base pain killers for 2 weeks after because the kidney needs to heal. but you will need to have pain killers when you get home. it doesn't take long to get over it a couple of days but it's a good way for the docs to see exactly how your doing.
good luck
Hi Lisa, Like you it takes me awhile to process what my Doctors tell me, especially when terms like biopsy are part of the conversation. The filtration system in my kidneys are affected by Lupus, and though I can not see it , their is always blood when I'm tested. So far no biopsy required. My problem is Lung involvement. I pray everything goes well for you on Tuesday. Sending you Good Wishes. Rosie
Thanks everyone for the advice and kind words!

I'll call my nephrologist tomorrow to ask. I've had one before, but the sedatives I took to keep my blood pressure down for the procedure have made the details a bit fuzzy... Probably for the best really!

I love this site - you are all so helpful and kind and well-informed!

So today was b-day. I dressed in my test-day best - stretched-out yoga pants, a ratty t shirt, and a bra that closes in the front, and a big hoody to hide the mess.

Took my two atavan, got checked in and braceleted, confirmed allergies, and had my blood pressure taken. Oops. the lower number was 97, so the test is off for today until my bp is more controlled. It was fine in nephrologsts' office last week.

Wander loopily through the hallways to find my ride home - Ativan has definitely kicked in at this point. Ride home, and a day off. Yes, it's finally come to this - I'm skiving off work because I'm stoned...8)

Will get on bp meds tomorrow, and hopefully have something scheduled next week.
Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear the biopsy had to be postponed. I am sure you would have rather have gotten it over with today. Good luck getting your blood pressure down.

Two Ativan and I would be flying. I only had one for my lumbar puncture and the doctor could have done anything and I wouldn't have cared.

Take care,
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