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Hello all, got my results back from my kidney biopsy.

Was diagnosed with class4 Lupus of the kidneys which I must say I was not expecting it to be that high as I have been feeling fine.

I have my last steroid drip today then am on steroid tablets.

They are putting me on MMF the new drug because of my age it will not make me infeertile like the other drug (which I can't remember the name of).

So far I am dealing with it fine although I am most upset about possibly missing out on a Turkey excavation for my course at uni, which I am suppose to be going on for over a month.

I was wondering if anyone else had results like these and had heard much about this drug MMF?

Thanks, Lauren xx

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Hello Lauren

Thank goodness your doctors are keeping a close eye on you - I just read your post where you say how you have a lupus specialist in Liverpool and how pleased you are with the quality of care you are getting. That is so important ! :)

I am sorry about the kidney problem :( and it is tough that you have to give up the excavation trip which sounds very exciting.

MMF is also known as Cellcept and is proving a very acceptable alternative to the cyclophosphamide /Cytoxan that used to be the only option and risks infertility. So if you look through the Medications section, maybe do an 'advanced search', you will find a good deal of information there already. Or post again there asking for people's experiences.

All the best !


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Hi lauren

I'm so sorry to hear about your results,I'm not surprised you are upset.must have been quite a shock & not to mention missing out on your holiday too!

I am very pleased to hear you have a good rheumy,it makes a big difference!
I am also in liverpool.I was under the aintree hospital many years ago before I transferred to the royal.
Is dr williams still the main rheumy there?

sorry I can't help regarding the mmf,never tried it myself.I wish you lot's of luck with it :luck:
you are wise to join the forum lauren as the immense knowledge here really helps & they do say that 'knowledge is power' :) the members here are wonderful too,very supportive & understanding!makes living with lupus a bit easier :)

take good care lauren
:hug: karen x

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im claire, 18 from manchester!
i know exactly how you feel with the kidney biopsy results etc!! i was diagnosed in oct o7 with class 4/5 of lupus nephritis! i had a lot of blood and protein in my urine! i also had the IV steriods and was then put on 60mg of prednisolone! i am now down to 5mg of pred and a gram of MMF twice a day!
MMF is such a good treatment for the kidneys, i havent had a flare up once since i started on it!
its alot nicer than the chemo too - much less side effects!!
i hope you are dealing with this well and hope that you a feeling a little better!!
claire x
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