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Hello all,

I had my hospital appointment today and apparently there was traces of Blood in my urine! my consultant said it was possibly a Kidney Infection and I was just wondering if these were comman to people with lupus would appreciate any answers.

Thank You


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Blood in urine can come from a variety of causes - if it's just blood without signs of infection (bacteria, white blood cells) then a few other possibilities should be considered like kidney stones, or lupus itself can do it too. Usually, if you have a kidney infection (I've had one prior to lupus being diagnosed actually) you would feel VERY sick with fever, pain in back near kidney, and overall ill health, usually bacteria would be found in urine too..

I think many people have had blood in their urine from time to time with a variety of causes responsible for it (even contamination of sample if it was that time of month can cause it!).
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