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I stood up from my reading chair yesterday and suddenly lost control of my bladder. Never, ever, ever in my life has that happened before. I ran to the bathroom, fighting for control the whole way. Burning, serious pain in my lower abdomen. I had a UTI In January that didn't go away with one round of meds and required another round of Cipro to get rid of it. So I went in today. Sure enough, a fever and the urine test showed a big, bad UTI and Dr. B says it's kidneys this time too. He did this thumping thing on my back that was somewhat obnoxious on the left side and had me three feet off the exam table on the right side. Same for poking around on my lower abdomen.

I've got Cipro for two weeks and another round of pyridium for comfort -- although it really doesn't do much.

I think maybe I didn't drink enough. Or something. I'm feeling like heck and I'm going to bed. I had big plans for today, but this sort of trumps everything else. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hope you are all feeling good and frisky.
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