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Knee pain!

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Hi all,

As some of you know I've been having a flare since the New Year, it's still going on but the main thing bothering me is pain in both my knees.

This has only started in the last few days. It's not the joint but the tissue around it going 4 inches above and below the knee. It's like someone keeps hitting me with a baseball bat. The left leg is more affected than the right and when I stand I have a strange dragging feeling in the knee cap.

There is no swelling or redness but the tissue is tender to touch. It's waking me at night and I can hardly move my knee. The Naproxen is only taking the edge off it and I'm not walking properly.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this, I'd be grateful for any advice as it really is getting me down.

Hubby was at the doc yesterday and happened to see my GP - Hubby told him how I was feeling and that I was trying to avoid going on steroids. The doc said they could think about injecting into the muscle. Is this steroid injections? I don't know how I feel about that as the pain is over such a general area. Funny thing was that although the appointment was for him they spent most of it talking about me :lol: . Hubby hadn't even sat down and the doc said 'So how is she doing?'. I was secretly quite chuffed. Just as well Hubby wasn't in for anything serious. :wink2:

Hope you're all having a peaceful weekend.


Pam xxx
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Ouch!! I hate the fact that you are experiencing knee pain. I know that would hurt alot, as my daughter tore up her knee prior to getting pregnant. I have some kne pain but it sounds minimal to yours!

Anyway, I get my elbows injected every three months, thank goodness. Sometimes, I cannot wait out the three months and I have to push the time frame and get it sooner. Anyway, I am also having a lupie brain moment and cannot remember the name of the shot. I used to get Gold shots in my hips as a child but I do not know if they, but it is always worth asking.

Talk to your Rheumy and ask about the situation or a referral to a Orthopedist until then, take a deep breath and try and relax as best as you can.

One other thought, you mght try ice and heat, rotating them every 20- 30 minutes.

Good luck,
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