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knocking sound in my ears....

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i have been getting a constant knocking sound in my ear all day. this is not the first time, but this time is more consistently. i also get ringing in my ears but im more concern with the knocking anyone that has experienced this.

by the way what is titinitis.
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Hello Sushi
Tinnitus refers to hearing noises that do not come from outside. Here is a brief description

Among many possible causes for tinnitus are NSAIDs and anti malarials. Best to see your doctor.

hi sushi

have you tried answering the door??:rotfl:maybe it girlscouts selling cookies.

sorry for the joke i just couldn't resist'

tinnitus sounds like it could be the cause as clairet said. doctor visit sounds like a great idea.

hope it clears up and you feel better

thank you clare for the link:)

Spell Binder lol lol:lol::lol::wink2:
You should call and get into the doctor as soon as you can, tell him what is going on with the sounds and how often you are getting them and how long they last. I hope you feel better soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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