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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you my lastest discovery.

Now I know some of you have mentioned this before and how it worked well for you, but now that I have tried it, I have to share my experience with my lupie family

Chair on wheels!!!!!:lol: :hehe:

Its one of those old desk chairs with a billion tacks on the arms and seat holding the leaher together. I've put a pillow on it because they haven't invented the lever to adjust the height when they made this thing :lol: .

I love it.

I use it to wash dishes,, load and unload the dish washer. With the pillow i can wipe down counter tops and i can roll around in my kitchen from one place to the next with ease.

Yes, this is my latest discovery. I had to find something to make my life easier because, yesterday,, my back was hurting so bad i thought i broke it.

I had taken muscle relaxant,, pain killers, nap and even tens unit for hours to try and ease the 2 slipped disks in my lower back that had me almost paralized.
Honestly i felt like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz + pain.

I thought i broke my back yesterday and it all stemed from me bending over way too much and just doing too much in general.

Well, I have fixed that. My chair on wheels saved me. :lol:

Now, I'll probably go and search out a chair that is more up to date,, you know, that kind you can adjust and all.. But for now i'm going to roll around in my kitchen,, cleaning, putting things away, mopping and doing what ever i can do with out injury to my back.

I just had to stop in and share it all with my lupie family.

Take Care All.

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Wonderful! Have you applied for a Patent on the "chair on wheels":)

When my kitchen were bigger I would give it a try. Problem is my computer chair (on wheels) has one loose one that is always falling off, then I get dumped out on the floor:hehe:

I wish you lots of luck in finding the "Mercedes-Benz" of chairs on wheels.

Just remeber Don't drink and Drive!


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I just had to "chair on wheels" has a massage unit, I can plug in and massage my Back and Butt...just what the Dr ordered! LOL

I got it at office max and it was on sale for 99.00...I know...but I use it so much and it is real leather so is easy to keep clean!

They delivered it right to the door fully assembled ( I paid a bit extra for that, but I couldnt haul it home and set it up).


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Hi Matilder:)

You having trouble replying? Just click on the POST REPLY button at the bottom left of the thread and then you can type in your reply. I never use the quick reply function. I get too confused:hehe:


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I use a padded desk chair that has wheels and does have the lever for heigths options in ou master bath and HUGE walk in closet.
I roll myself everywhere when I need to get ready to go somewhere and since it is so darn big, I got a chair with wheels:lol: Our old bath I just sat on a stool and everything was in reach, but when we moved I now have a very large, long and big bathroom and a stool did not work.:hehe:

I really like the idea of having a massage chair though:rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing:)

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