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Laugh - true story

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I was grumbling this morning [grumble, grumble] about the feeling that an epee had been thrust through my hips, my joints ache, my guts are practicing naval knots and I generally am pain wracked. My wife's comment:

"Sounds like you're pregnant!"
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there are days where there are some similarities :lol:
Dear Douglas

She sounds very shrewd!

When you go into labour don't be too brave - just accept the gas and air and you'll be just fine dearie!

Seriously - I do hope you are feeling a bit less 'skeward'. It is a very accurate discription, by the way.

Take care.
Classic :lol:
I would have to agree with your wife lol. Ok, as funny as it is here is one for you. My ex-boyfriend went in for hip replacement surgery and one of the tests they had ordered is a pregnancy test. The look on his face was priceless, he was ready to walk out of the hospital in fear. Since it was ordered they had to do it thank god it came back neg. or I would of been worried next lol.
Tammy you brightened my day :rotfl:

Take care,
Dry toast Douglas ;) Great for morning sickness....;)

Luv n stuff
or maybe some pickles:lol::lol:
I preferred Mars Bars myself :hehe:
I am with you on Mars Bars, a great gift of God! I use them only medicinally, usually when the computer has problems. Can't fux the computer without chocolate!
(feeling a little better)
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