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Leg Weakness

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I have leg weakness which i'm not sure if its Lupus or a side effect from the drugs im on - predisolone and plaquenil and omeprazole.

I've started hydro the build up stamina again and then once i complete that i can go onto physio but my question is...after all this will my legs be better? Will i be able to walk properly again or is this what Lupus does-keeps attacking your legs?

I don't know many others who have this problem - am i the only one?:sad:
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Hi Jelly,

It is impossible to know what the final result will be. Each person is different. In my case getting the disease under control and doing exercise has had positive results. I still have to use some type of aid but my legs are no longer as limp as cooked noodles.

Rehab is a slow process. You don't usually see instant results. Keep at it though. You don't want those muscles to atrophy.

Take care,
I've had slowly progressing weakness in my left leg, starting at my foot, for about three years. It took a long time to get a dx and the drugs I take have helped. But I've found that exercise is at least as effective, if not more effective, than the meds. After I started really working the weakening leg, it got so much better. Good luck. I know this must be a big concern.
Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping with hydro and physio-some that ive started at home will work for me. I make sure i do some walking each day even if its just around the garden:hehe:

I feel much more positive knowing i can help myself so thank you!

Just wanted to let you know that I have leg weakness also and have had it pretty bad for over 3 years now along with right arm weakness.

Your not alone. I do hope the PT/rehab helps you a bit and you can get strength back in that leg.

If it continues to bother you mention it to your doctor.

Let us know how you get along.:wink2:
Hi Jelly,

When you are down in bed you can still do simple exercises that will help strengthen your legs also. I do easy leg raises, contract the thigh muscles, stretch the hamstrings and do large ankle circles. Even the most simple things will help keep the tone.

Take care,
hi jelly, i think lots of us at one point or another get this, i couldnt hardly get one foot on the stairs at one point,

and my legs felt like jelly, as if they were not gonna hold me, i have physico and it as helped, but i think we do need to try to do leg exercices too,
We cant just sit there, even the easiest exercises as to do something to help.

i wish you well, dont worry you will acheve this but dont expect things quick like i did, lol!!

Hugs Lin xxxxxxxxxx
hi there

just talking in terms of probability, it is more likely to be the prednisolone. It is the most common form of leg weakness and the only 'cure' is exercise. Basically I make sure I walk up a hill everyday and that keeps my legs strong. If I don't do that, they get weak and I end up with jelly legs.

I also have weakness that is due to nerve damage, and also damage coming from my brain but that is a lot more specific ie I have a bilateral foot drop, plus I am weak on my left side due to lupus attacking my brain etc etc. But when I am suffering from something less specific (in neurological terms) it tends to be prednisolone.

Mention it to your doctor though and see what she/he says about it. Walking is the best thing to do, and see if you can progress to walking up a hill. Doesn't have to be a giant hill, but I do find that the extra work involved in walking up a slope is really helpful in maintaining leg strength.



I had really bad leg weakness due to being on Pred,my legs felt like they were weighed down!

Bonnie x
I found a hill to walk up - i live on one:lol: I do daily physio too so fingers crossed.

I have worked out that i had muscle weakness before i was on pred though...can plaquenil cause it cos i was taking that at the time or does this mean its a Lupus thing?

Not back at rheumy till 25th but still got hydro to tie me over - i think it's getting better though but i am really impatient too:ermm:
I never got weakness from the Plaquenil. For me, the weakness is from the lupus.
I'm also troubled with leg weakness, numbness, etc., and have been searching for some answers. I came across a website that has some good information that I plan to share with my neurologist. It's
Hi Jelly,
Ive been away for a week so late reading the posts. Ive posted about my leg weakness before on here and its still a mystery to me too. Im not sure if mine if from the Pred. or the Lupus or even if its muscle or just weak joints.
Ive been prescribed exercise but havnt started it yet although Im doing much more than I was before anyway and yet the weakness of legs still persists.
I struggle with steps and stairs expecially if they are high steps and even worse if Im carrying anything. I cant get up from low chairs or get in and out a bath and sitting on the floor is definately out of the question these days. I know coz I tried to sit on the beach last week and it wasnt a pretty sight when my daughter had to try to get me up again. Wont be doing that again. :sad: I struggle getting out of the car too.
I will be interested to hear if you get any answers at your appointment.
Good luck with it.
Luv Sal x
I knew this is going to sound crazy but try Peanutbutter a tablespoon full. My boss told me that and I know what I thought but I thought it can't hurt so did and It did help a little. It won't do much but it might just be enough for you.
i have leg weakness on a daily basis now for a couple of years, been on plaq for 6 months so think it's the illness not the drugs. i now have weakness in my hips going to see gp about that tomorrow let you know, lesley x
I ditto karolh as I've had significant leg weakness for 3 years and also have rightsided arm weakness. The leg weakness started prior to being on prednisone and docs have not been able to establish the exact cause of the weakness.

I did find out that I haven't been getting enough animal protein in my diet (was hardly getting any at all). Now I try to eat 2-3 oz of animal protein 3 times a day and I think it may be helping my legs a bit although I still have issues. I heard that for certain body types if you don't get enough protein that your body start using your muscle for energy. Anyway I don't know how much truth there is to it but I thought it was interesting when I heard it.

Take care.
Hi there

Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in. I have suffered from weakness as well as pain in my left arm and leg on and off ever since I had my son 6 years ago.
I was only diagnosed with SLE & fibromyaliga last year after being unwell on and off for over a decade. Drs ran all sorts of Neuro tests MRIs CT scan of my brain after the birth. However I was told that it was linked to my migraines and that it was dianosed Migraine with Aura.
I saw the same Neurologist last year and he was the one who ran the original ANA blood test as I described the same symtoms (plus others). So I think its part of the Lupus not your meds. However I am no expert.

Take care

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