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Leicestershire - need to find a Consultant Dermatologist please.

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Hello everyone,

I have just joined this site and it looks as though it will be a great help to me.

I certainly have Lupus Pernio and although I have been treated for Psoriasis for many years, I believe it was actually Discoid Lupus.

I have just had my blood tests done and have to see my GP on Monday so that she can refer me to a Dermatologist.

I am in a VERY bad state at the moment and need to see the Consultant very quickly but does anyone know which Dermatologists in Leicestershire, or anywhere in East Midlands area, know about this condition or will they ALL know about it?

Obviously ones I have seen in the past have called it Psoriasis and I can't waste time going to the wrong one!

Sorry for rambling - hope you understand what I am asking.

Dea x

NB - Update on the Lupus Pernio mentioned above - Would you believe - the GP misread it!!!!!!!!!!!! - It turns out the biopsy I had shows Lichen Sclerosis !!!!!!! - This is a seperate condition to the Discoid Lupus (? Psoriasis?) though could well be connected in the end!

Dea x
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Hi Dea,

I live in Solihull in the West Midlands if that is any good. My dermy is called Dr Adrian Heagerty and he is really good. He works at Solihull hopsital (NHS) or Sprie Parkway hospital in Solihull (private). He charges £130 for a first consultation (privately) and £85 for follow up appointments.

I really hope you get sorted soon, I have lupus discoid and it is HORRIBLE as you know.

Take care, love Maria x
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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