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LemonAide Crutches Web Site..Fun!

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Hi Everyone,

While browsing, I found this neat site, with lots of crutches, in different pretty colors, and little stylish pads and tid bits.

LemonAide Crutches

Have fun!
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That site sounds interesting - do you have the link?

Hi Lesley,

The site Sandy is refering to is a commercial one, so she has very correctly not put in a link (we mods would have removed it if she had done as it is against the guidelines). You can find the site easily though by googling it. All the best:rolleyes:

They don't seem to stock any elbow crutches (which I use). so if you are after them you are out of luck. Otherwise it has some great crutches if you use the armpit ones.


Oh so pretty!!! But still quite expensive. I guess if you use them a lot though it becomes all relative!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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