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Let's see if I can upload a photo

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This isn't how i wanted it, but lets see

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You're sooooo close Cath! It works like this:

Then it will turn out like this. Nice pic BTW, is it yours? :hehe:

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That picture's just made my day - lovely horsey :hehe:
:) Cath

It certainly is a lovely horsey but I was expecting a bunny so I got a big surprise ! Like when you think you've got a cup of tea and it turns out to be coffee.

:rotfl:Sorry Clare:rotfl: It isn't my horse, but I did take the photo. He is looking at me in a kind of crazy way I thought. Probably deep dissapointment there were no carrots.

Here is me on the ice (a frozen lake!!!)

Thanks Tom:p - I seem not to have cracked it yet. The attachment manager won't accept my URL, and doing it manually just gives the link, not the actual photo.
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Beautiful shots Cath :) It looks really picturesque! I'm taking it all in because it was 105F here today :eek: I'm going to try and get some sleep as it's only 80F now :lol: and that's at 11.20pm outside in the cool!

ps I've never been ice skating, it looks like fun!

(((((((((Poor Lily)))))))))

I remember that about Australia:(. We'd drag our matresses outside to the veranda edge to try and get a chance cool breeze, and take a wet towel to lie under, as defense against the mozzies:(

Hey, someones messing with me! :unsure:

It's not working with the second link for some reason. If you do it with the first link it works. :shrug: Try it, you will see what I mean.

Lily - Now is probably not a good time to learn to ice skate. Falling down a lot on a hard surface isn't much fun at our age. I'm not too sure ankles were made to take it either. :lol:

Clare - I'm not sure but looks to me like he's giving Cath the Juan Valdez look. :hehe:
thanks for the hugs Cath :hehe: It's not pretty I tell you it's meant to be worse today!

Tom both links work for me??

I will have to go and look up who Juan Valdez is now :hehe:

Yep, that's him. :bigsmile:

Colombian coffee is suppose the be the BEST. I can't say for sure as I've never tried it. :rolleyes:

With the blocks, Cath's 2nd picture should be displayed and not the link (Like my first post). I'm not sure why it works with one link and not the other. :(

Very nice pictures Cath. :)
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