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I understand. I often see women, and men in their 70's and 80's working in their yards, and show no sign of feeling miserable. Who knows? Maybe, they are and just don't show it..I see them in restaurants, with an appetite, when I feel like hurling.

All, I know is it is pretty sick, when I find myself feeling like they are better off than I am.

By..the way. My husband tells people the very same thing about me. 'She has her bad days, and her not so bad days."

I also hide from people. I know other's just don't get it. I feel embarrassed by all the meds I have to take. Even years into this disease..people still ask me if I have tried "natural remedies." Good grief. I know they mean well, but it gets really old.

It is like we are from different planets..Don't even try to explain it now..I am convinced it is a disease they would have to experience, before they even got a clue...

I hope you feel better soon.

Your Friend,
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