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low ANA result

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I'm still without a diagnosis but I notice that many people have said that they had negative bloods for years before they went positive. I've just discovered after everyone had told me all the bloods were totally normal that in fact I have had a very low positive ANA (1:40, speckled pattern) about a year ago. This seems to be the first time it has even been vaguely positive. Prior to that several tests over the previous 10 years or so had been totally normal. Also complement levels, while within the normal range, were right at the bottom of the range for C3 and C4. About 7 years ago in another country I had positive anti-cardiolipin antibodies, though again they weren't sky high, but having had them tested in the UK twice in the last two years they have been in the low part of the normal range. I also had the antiDsDNA test come back normal.

Is it worth asking GP to repeat some of these tests? I'm still under investigation for neurological stuff, but I can't help wondering if I have more than one disease process going on as there is a lot of stuff that doesn't seem to be neurological as well, including a malar rash, what looks to me like livedo reticularis (but has never been seen or noticed by doctors at this point, and I can't get a decent enough photo to take to them).
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Most doctors do not consider 1:40 to be a true positive - so I wouldn't ask to retest it just on the basis of the previous very low positive result. But as long as you continue to have symptoms that have no explanation... then I'd continue to ask for some of these basic blood tests (like the ANA) to be repeated from time to time.

Hope you find some answers and helpful treatment soon.
what i can say is that tests are the key to confirm lupus, but they are not the first step ....first you have to cnsider your symptoms and how you feel. I am no expert, but i'd say that lupus without ANA, ENA, and C3 C4 should be considered in a second place...there r other diseases that may cause similar symptoms letting thos blood works i'd say keep asking, but maybe about somethin' else...
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