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Low Hemoglobin Results

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Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry i haven't posted in along time. I visit the board often but I 'm so weak, just enjoy reading your posts.

My questions are. Should i be concerned over my hemoglobin test being at level 7? I'm very weak and get dizzy very quickly. My doctor is out of office for 2 weeks do you think, I need to go to the ER? She left a message saying she was very concern but the rest of the message was very gabble on the machine.I could't understand her suggestions

My joints and muscles are very painful.I go to work everyday but it has become harder just to get there and by the end of the day , i'm just completely wipped out. I'm trying my best not to give in to this disease. I think the disease in winning the battle.

I will appreciate any and all suggestions. I just very exhausted and it hurts just to take a breath. my chest feels like it is caving in.
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Hi jackie :hug:

Sorry you are feeling so awful :( Does your doc have someone who is taking over for her for the two weeks she is away? Is this your GP or Rheumy?

I think given that you are having breathing problems and your chest feels like it's caving in then the sooner you can get some treatment the better. Did your doc indicate why she thought your hemo was so low? Because the treatment will depend upon the cause..............i.e. if it's due directly to Lupus then you will probably need Pred or something to get it back up.

I think in your situation I would definitely want medical assessment and help and I wouldn't be waiting another 2 weeks to get it :hugbetter: They would probably be able to help in ER, they would have some kind of specialist who could advise on treatment.

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Hi there,
I'm with Lily on this.
Although an Hb (marker for anaemia) that low is probably not a n emergency as such, it could become so if left untreated.
Your doc needs to find out whats causing it and treat accordingly, whether its inflammation, iron deficiency or slow bleeding from an ulcer or diverticular disease or whatever.
If you are getting physical symptoms like chest tightness and breathlessness you need to be seen sooner than later. Iron tablets take a long time to work so probably won't be enough to make you feel better now.
My count was that low with a big flare due to lupus or chronic inflammation and I felt awful.:worried:
Since my white count was also very low, I needed a high dose of prednisone to help,
I had a rapid reponse to this and soon felt better.
White count was soon up...... Hb takes longer.
Good luck and get on to that doc.
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Thank you Ladies,

I have an appointment with my GP on monday. I have been on two iron pills a day for about 6 months. They are not sure why i'm loosing blood. I guess i will get some answers and monday.

Thank you so much for your replies. i love this forum it has become my second family.
Hi Jackie,

Like Lily I do think that your chest problems need more immediate attention and you should seek medical help - so glad to hear that you have an appointment on Monday!

As to the iron being low there are quite a few probable causes and all the common ones normally get investigated first. Have you had a endoscopy, colonoscopy, berium follow through x-ray or even gynaecological checks done - investigations do unfortunately take time.

Good luck on Monday and let us know how you get on!


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Hi Everyone,

Saw the doctor on Monday nothing much to report. Took more test waiting on th results. Doc said she in very confused on where I'm lossing the blood. She tested me for b12 levels and huge aaray of others.

I'm to the point where i'm to weak to go to work. I'm very dizzy and have a terrible headache that won't go away.

Thanks for letting me vent but i'm very concerned about how weak I'm getting.

Jackie J
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(((((((((Jackie)))))))))) :(

Let's hope those test results yield some answers and they can start you feeling better. Are you still having shortness of breath and that same feeling in your chest?

Did they do a fecal occult blood test too? Hopefully that has been done already. If that was positive then the next step would be the colonoscopy most likely (as already mentioned that is often a test done along with scoping the stomach as well).

If nothing comes back soon then someone is going to have to light a fire under their arses! :) It must be very difficult getting through each day - I feel for you. (((hugs)))
thear is only three ways i no of gettin hb levels back up 1 is high pred 2 is inon tablets and 3 is a blood transfution the 3 been the quickist one ive been inemick loads off times and when its been as low as that i had blood yours bundy ex renal patient
:eek: Oh, my!!! J- Before I was diagnosed I was having the same symptoms!!! I had HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA. Rapid destruction of red blood cells. Do you have dark orange/yellow urine? Do your eyes look slightly yellow. You may not notice these color changes(I didnt) but someone else may notice your whites of eyes being yellow. I was treated with prednisone for about 2years, then had my spleen removed. Do you see a rheumatologist? Maybe your dr. can send you to a hemotologist. Please check with your doc. You are weak because you dont have enough rbcells circulating oxygen through your body, causing muscle weakness and dizzyness. I hope you get some relief soon. Hope you get some answers.
Thank You,

For the advice all the symptoms you describe I do have the yellowing of the eyes. The dark orange urine. I will check with my doctor. I see her next monday for my results. Once again thank you everyone for your replies.

Jackie J
HI Everyone,

My doctor called she is very concern my blood has dropped once again. She has referred me to hemotologist. I will be having a bone marrow byiopsy on thursday October 23.

I am very worried and upset. I'm trying to be strong but its very hard not to show how worried i am.

Thanks to all of you, for letting me vent again. Have any of you ever had a bone marrow byiopsy and if you did how was it?
Hey ((((((((Jackie))))))) :hugbetter:

I'm sorry to hear your hemoglobin has dropped more.... :(

The referral to a hematologist sounds like a very good move at this point; he should be able to shed some light into what is making you so anemic... It's good that your GP is taking this seriously.

I've had a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration and it really wasn't bad at all. They will inject you with a local anesthetic before the actual biopsy so really you don't feel much of anything, but most hospitals and docs also usually offer patients the option of conscious sedation. That way not only do you not feel any pain whatsoever but you don't even remember anything from the biopsy itself. Maybe you could discuss whether conscious sedation might be a possibility for you with your GP?

Of course you're worried and upset; anyone in your shoes would be I think... Hopefully the bone marrow biopsy and the haematologist appointment will able to provide you and your docs with some much needed answers and with treatment options to stabilize your haemoglobin and stop the anemia.

Vent all you want Jackie...! We are all here for you... Sending you loads of strengthening hugs and keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you to feel better
soon :grhug: :grouphug2: :fingers:


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Hang in there! Its good you are going to see a hemot...Do mention hemolytic anemia. As I said before, my first treatment for this anemia was prednisone for almost 2 years, followed by removing my spleen . When I was admitted to the hospital before I was diagnosed with Lupus, my hemoglobin was only 1/4 of what it should be. I had a 2 unit blood transfusion. I didnt have any bone marrow tests done. I was very ill with other things also, besides a huge dose of prednisone, they started me on Rituxan treatments. I have read that Rituxan is a treatment for many things, one being severe cases of Hemolytic anemia(only if necessary) There may be other treatments out there also, I guess I was just a difficult patient!
I know it is scary, but it is very good that you are going to this new doc.
Be strong, I have been in your very shoes...
Some good news-(knock on wood) I have had NO hemo. problems since all of that, over 3 years AGO!!!
Please feel better.....:)
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How are you doin? How did your appt. go with the Hemo. doc?
Hi Kim,

My appointment was quit interesting, the Dr,think i have Celiac disease. I m trying to read up on as much info as i can. She had me take some test and i should get the results back in 2 weeks. She think my body is not absorbing any nutrients.

I have to go back on monday to have a blood transfusion and iron thru iv. I just want something done. i just to weak to continue this way.

I don't know what i would do with out you my second family. I have been giving 2 week sick leave so now im able to rest a lot more.

Once again Thank You everyone.
I think it is good you are getting a blood trans. That should help. Did you mention the hemolytic anemia? Do you have low iron?
You mentioned Celiac disease, do you have stomach symptoms?
I take Folic Acid daily to help build red blood cells.
Did your doc put you on any meds? and were you on any meds before?
Hang in there, get plenty of rest, hope the iv boost helps.
Hey Jackie,

Sounds like you had a good appointment with your doc! :)

It does sound like your body very much needs the blood transfusion and the iron infusion at this point with your hemoglobin so low! And if there is a problem with nutrient absorption in your upper GI such as celiac disease then the iron infusion should help you loads until the gluten free diet allows your GI tract to absorb nutrients once more.

I had an iron absorption problem a couple of years back and it left me pretty anemic; I had tried every iron tablet in the book and massive doses of them too and nothing was working. IV iron was the only thing that fixed the anemia and stabilized the hemoglobin and iron levels in my blood until the docs could figure out what was causing the problem and treat it.

Hope the iron infusion and the transfusion help you loads....!

Sending loads and loads of strengthening hugs your way and hope everything goes extra smoothly for you from now on so that you can get some answers soon :grouphug2: :grhug:


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