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low white blood cells

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i have very low white blood cells.1.2 but have been getting lower starting me on ritaxab tomorrow in hospital now i brought my laptop help ease the bordom
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Hi Helen

Many hugs for your hospital stay :hug: I hope all goes smoothly for you. Its great you have your laptop for company!

Let us know how you are doing with the transfusion

Much love
Hey Helen,

Sorry to hear you're in hospital with such a low white count, but it's great they let you keep your laptop! :thumbs:

I always take my laptop with me when I go into hospital and surfing the net or watching movies always helps immensely... Kind of restores a sense of normalcy that hospitals aren't too famous for maintaining, if that makes any sense....! :rolleyes: Do you have any DVDs with you?! :)

I hope everything goes well with the rituximab and that you feel better very soon! :goodvibes::fingers: :grouphug2:


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Hi Helen,

Wow, you are fortunate to be able to bring your laptop. That has to make the time go by more quickly. My hospital doesn't allow it so I just spent my 6 hour Rituxan infusion today reading.

It take some time for the Rituxan to kick in so try not to be too impatient.

Take care,
Oh Helen I am so sorry. I am not sure why they think you get rest in a hospital as everytime i went to sleep they came in and woke me up for one thing or another lol. I am glad that we can all still chat with you from time to time and help you pass the time. Is there anything else we could do to help you out? Well in the mean time I will keep you in my prayers, and hope for a speedy recovery. Let us know how you are doing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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