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Hi Cassie

Hi Cassie! Glad to hear that the lump was something minor and not major. It was best getting it checked out. Especially if it was a blood clot. But glad it wasn't one of them. Not sure about the myositis thing being connected or not. I have had myositis before and boy was that a mess. Dealing with lupus is a mess anyway. I would rather have my tonsils taken out and heal up than to have lupus any day! But glad to hear the good news. :)
Hi all,
As some of you know, i am awaiting diagnosis. It looks quite certain now that that will MCTD after hving received a letter from rheumy stating that test rsults indicate this, i've just not been followed up yet as the rheumy department at my local hopital is in utter caos. I am hoping to be seem within the next month.
As some of you also know i have been struggling with my joint a nd hronic pain and have been feeling very unwell due to various other symptoms.
Now i jave ad a lump which has appeared o my upper left arm.
I wasn't sure at first but am now certain it is there. Ofcourse i caled gp stright away and am going to see him regardig this, this afternoon.
I was just wondering whether any one else has experienced the apperance of lumps.
This lump is about half way between my elbow and shoulder as is about the lenght of a finger and about three fingers wide and i lying horizontally.
There is no redness around it and the only way to describe the feel of it really is like hardened muscle.
Any ideas or info would be nuch appreciated.

Many Thanks

Glad to hear it wasn't major. About 8 months ago they admitted me in the hospital and they found an enlarged lymphnode under my right ear. They thought it was apart of my lupus but they decided to biopsy it. It turns out that because i was on the prednisone for so long and a veryn high dose I devolped cancer. Non hodskins lymphoma. So on my list of medical problems it went.
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