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Lumps under the arms and groin area???

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As I mentioned in another post, I saw a rhumy today who noticed several lumps under my armpits and near my groin area :blush:

I was so nervous and panicky that I forgot to ask him what these lumps were.

Would anyone on here know at all? They are supposed to be significant to SLE.
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Lymph node swelling? I'm not positive but I think that is what they are checking for under your arms at least. I have to check for myself because I'm so ticklish they can't get anywhere near me :p
They are lymph nodes and the condition is called lymphadenopathy. They are part of the immune system's defence workings and commonly swell when the body's fighting infection. It figures that when the immune system is activated in misguided autoimmune disease activity ( fighting our own cells ), they can swell too. It is very common and you'll be hearing from other people no doubt.

I don't know what particular significance it has apart from being quite useful for diagnosis. Maybe a sign of a flare in some people.

hey surfer boy, I often have lymph nodes up in the groin and neck when my lupus is active. My rheum says its normal in lupus and id say it helps with diagnoses if theres no other infection causing it.
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