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Hi Sal,

Here is some information I found for you. I think some high cholesterol is inherited. No matter how much my hubby dieted his cholesterol would remain high. His mother had high cholesterol.
I know lupus has a role in it too.

Heart attacks
It was discovered some years ago that a number of lupus patients who have seemingly recovered from their lupus still suffer from coronary disease and have an increased chance of a heart attack. The reasons for this are not clearly known although considerable research work is now going on to look at possible risks. Certainly, steroids have been implicated although they are not the major culprit. Some patients with lupus have persistently raised and other lipids. Modern treatment is very effective in reducing these. Most recently antiphospholipid antibodies have been implicated in the clotting process in coronary arteries as well as in other arteries and it may well be that taking regular blood-thinning medicines such as low-dose aspirin will be shown to reduce this risk.
Here is the web page I found that infromation.

I hope this helped answer your question.

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