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I have fibro with mixed connective but my fibro was diagnosed first then the mixed connective, strange how things work out, I actually got disability based on my fibro symptoms thanks to my local senator who really went out there for me. Thanks to him i no longer have to worry about working and wondering about medical bills but I know a lot of you are waiting still. anyway fibro causes a burning like pain, yesterday i couldn't stand even wearing clothes because of how bad the pain was i took three neurotin and after awhile it helped that was on the advice of my doctor.

I went crazy yesterday, because of the pain, i'm not sure what that is from wether its from the fibro itself or the meds, or from the depression nobody knows, but i'm a lot better today, its just really strange how this disease works.

I visit a fm support group PM for the information.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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