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Lupus and insurance

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Hi everyone.
I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus in Jan 2000. Three and a half years ago I moved into my house and have been trying to get life insurance to cover my mortgage ever since. I have sent countless applications and spent hours on the telephone and internet trying to find a conclusion to this problem, but have so far been unsuccessful. I find it hard to believe that not one company is prepared to insure me. I am extremely frustrated not to mention concerned that I am unable to provide some form of financial protection for my husband and children should anything happen to me. Living with Lupus can be hard enough, but after sheer determination to lead a normal life and continue to work full time I am feeling angry to be so discriminated against. Has anyone else encountered any similar problems?
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my dad who has lupus was successful in finding term life insurance. because of his lupus he pays a little higher premium and can't get full life but some is better than none!
Thank god I purchased mortgage insurance and life insurance prior to any real health issues. I am sorry your dealing with this. There has to be someone that will insure you even if it means a higher monthly payment.

Good luck moving forward with this. This is more then frustrating for you and I am so sorry that on top of Lupus your dealing with this too.
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