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I'm a fifty-six year old female first diagnosed with lupus in 1991. Until last year it just attacked my body but it has now had a permanent affect on my memory.
I was used to the "lupus fog" episodes but the mist always cleared. For a year now my short term memory has been shot (my long term memory remains good) and I have had to give up work as a result.
I have done all the practical things to help myself and have lists everywhere. I would like to hear from anyone who has a similar problem and ask what treatment they are receiving.
I've been checked by a neurologist who referred me back to my rheumatologist. The latter thought it was drug related and played around with my meds but to no end.
I feel as if I am disappearing into my own little world and from being an outgoing extrovert have become a shadow of my former self as I am no longer confident in what I'm doing.
Any help would really be appreciated.

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Often times we try to find the best medication to resolve our issues.
I guess we are programmed to do so from our doctors.. After all they get a good bonus for selling these products to us.

But my daughter has a little handheld brain fitness toy that has proven to help.

I have fun with it and it actually helps.

Also there are websites that might help you regain better control of your short term memory.. It has helped me.

Good Luck
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