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Hi Kate,

I'm 49 now and was 34 when I had total hysterectomy, including the ovaries due to stage 4 endometriousis. That started menopause for me and I haven't stopped having hot flashes! :nervous:

The lupus has been around to some degree since my teens and flared in my twenties. But it REALLY got me good and got me diagnosed in 2000. :eek: I really can't say that the lupus has changed along with the menopause. I just lost the painful ovulation, thankfully.

With surgery came the estrogen patch...until the APS was diagnosed. Then I had to come off of it immediately. So I guess I'll flash till I die! I don't miss the periods and PMS that's for sure.

This wasn't your question, but I find a ceiling fan helps with the flashes and also a cold pack for my neck. I freeze the gel pack until bedtime and it slips into a soft case which I wrap around my neck. Not only does it give me support, it also helps keep me cool. A gel pack at your feet works too!

I hope this helps you some and that your symptoms slow down soon!

Love, Pollyanna :love2:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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