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Lupus and menopause

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I am still new at this lupus stuff, for years I had all symtoms, then a year and 1/2 ago it showed up in my blood work, I am wondering if it was all the stress I was under, anyway, I just left my Dr whom I had been with for 10 years, in the past few years he has been difficult to talk to, I traveled 2hrs to see him, we talked a bit(5mins) then he left, I waited and waited then finally I got up and they said he was with his next patient, I think I should have left along time ago, I didnt get to ask about my meds,blood wk, and he was very rude, this isnt the first time, the only reason I say that is that I was contacted by a nurse through my insurance company, she said that she was assigned to me, when I told her some of things I was going through, she said that I probly should seek a new doctor, I am so frustrated and scared, and on the verge of crying, I take care of my mom during the week and work fulltime and miss my husband and cat... But my real question does menopause affect Lupus. I am so glad I found this site. Thank you Terri
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Hello Terri and welcome :)

It does definitely soud like you need a new doctor!!! The nurse is quite right. If you want there is a "find a doctor" section here on the website where you can post to find recommendations in your area. Not all rheumatologists are exeprienced with lupus and recommendations are often very worthwhile.

It sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate with work and family committments. It may not be easy to do but you need to try and find ways that you can ease your load a little and pace yourself a lot more. Even if, practically, you can't do much to reduce stress and workload try to reserve a little rest time during the day. Sometimes even little ten minute breaks/naps can do some good. Being kind to yourself and putting yourself first is also very important. This is not a disease that you can "fight" against and push through. Doing so, especially in a flare, will only make things a lot worse.

Did your rheumatologist put you on medication and if so has it had any effect so far? There is a good chance that you will feel a lot better in the future when you're meds are fully adjusted (it takes some time) and when you have learnt to live with and know your disease better.

I can't help much with the menopause question as I don't know much about it. As far as I know lupus is not affected by the menopause but I may be wrong there. Hopefully someone else will clear that one up for us.

All the best and hugs :hug:

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