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Lupus and menopause

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I am still new at this lupus stuff, for years I had all symtoms, then a year and 1/2 ago it showed up in my blood work, I am wondering if it was all the stress I was under, anyway, I just left my Dr whom I had been with for 10 years, in the past few years he has been difficult to talk to, I traveled 2hrs to see him, we talked a bit(5mins) then he left, I waited and waited then finally I got up and they said he was with his next patient, I think I should have left along time ago, I didnt get to ask about my meds,blood wk, and he was very rude, this isnt the first time, the only reason I say that is that I was contacted by a nurse through my insurance company, she said that she was assigned to me, when I told her some of things I was going through, she said that I probly should seek a new doctor, I am so frustrated and scared, and on the verge of crying, I take care of my mom during the week and work fulltime and miss my husband and cat... But my real question does menopause affect Lupus. I am so glad I found this site. Thank you Terri
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Here's a link with the short answer to your question:

I've quoted the following text from that article for you:

Q: Is it true that flare ups are more rare after menopause?
A: Estrogen is important in the pathogenesis of lupus; this is why lupusis more common in women than in men--but the role of estrogen in a patient who has established lupus is not as clear. Lupus is not cured by menopause, and most patients continue to need lupus medicines after menopause. If hormone therapy is given after menopause, there is a slight increase in mild to moderate lupus flares.
I hope this helps and I would say it is definitely time to get a new doctor! Good luck with that & I hope you won't have to travel too much farther.
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