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Lupus and TB susceptible people

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Hi, a question for my learned friends! My very highly qualified homeopath suggested to me that it has been known for some time within her profession that those genetically susceptible to TB are also susceptible to Lupus. Now she went on to state that TB was often found in higher numbers in certain areas geographically... I felt I had no link to lupus, my mother was adopted, but her mum was an underage irish schoolgirl who came over here to have the baby and gave her up for adoption. The homeopath said there were areas in Ireland that had high TB rates and I could be genetically linked to those areas.... ANYWAY the strange thing is that before this discussion she had no way of knowing my sister had TB at the age of 3, she made it, just... so was very lucky as treatments were scarce at that time...
Wondered if any of you have any thoughts or comments, it intrigues me!:)
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Hi All

I wonder whether perhaps there has been some misunderstanding here. TB of the skin is called "lupus vulgaris". This is not related to the connective tissue diseases lupus erythematosus and discoid lupus etc..

According to Wikipedia:

"The term "lupus" to describe an ulcerative skin disease dates to the late thirteenth century, though it was not until the mid-nineteenth that two specific skin diseases were classified as Lupus erythematosus and Lupus vulgaris. The term "lupus" may derive from the rapacity and virulence of the disease; a 1590 work described it as "a malignant ulcer quickly consuming the neather parts; ... very hungry like unto a woolfe"."

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