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oh my gosh, wheeliefab that is me or when i am bad is me. i finally figured it out last year and i would stay awake for 45 and the most was 63hrs. i did none of the destructive behavior, unless cleaning my carpets at 1am counts. oh yea, and the small 4x8 inch strips i put on the livingroom walls because i couldnt decide. the strips were there for 2yrs!!! i sold my home in oct 07 with the strips. i was worried that i was manic because i had a friend who was. they did brain scans and nothing. i would take lyrica, rozerem, lunesta, ambien and valuim and still would be awake. i finally brought a child proof pair of sissors and non residue leaving tape to the office and told the guys to use it when it became necessary. they laughed. i know i am lucky work wise. you want to stop talking but you just cant. this is my april and may way of flaring, then end of may and june starts the 103 fever, headaches and an assortment of other funs.
i did go see a pysc because i was afraid and she told me it was most likely
the sle/mctd. i was on anti-depress in the past and now i know why i was so depressed. for me the not knowing what was wrong was worse than finally knowing it was not all just in my head. i know this may sound silly and would not have believed it myself but yoga works. i do the bikram which is in the 100 degree plus room for 90min. yoga was too out there for me. i dont chant and have no desire to meditate and was as far away from my sports of choice, boxing and rugby as you could get. i was taking 40mg of flexeril in 4-5hrs and about 8-10 of vicodian a day. it took just a week and the pain was gone. it may not work for everyone and i sure as heck didnt think it would be me but any of you in pain might check with your dr to see if it would be helpful for you. i hope so...
anyway, wheeliefab thanks so much for you information. you have added to my peace of mind. well, what i have left anyway......
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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