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I'm looking for a good rheumatology doctor that specializes in Lupus in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Any help would be apprieciated.

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Sorry I can not tell you a good doctor in Cin area.
However I can tell you that Dayton has a couple of doctors who are supposed to be very good.

This would be just up I-75 from you about an hour or so.

My wife uses a Doctor in Springfield. That would be about 1 hr 30 min from your area.
His name is Dr. Ranginwala.
He is very good and she has had better luck with him then any other Doctor she has seen.

I'm not sure if you have a family doctor if so ask them who they recommend in the area. If you have a good family doctor and trust them you can probably also trust a recomendation they give on another doctor.
Find out who they would go to or maybe who they do go to if they have a need for a Rhuemy.
This is how we found our doctor and it worked very well for us.
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