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Sorry you are hurting Jean!

I may have a little insight. My mouth soures sounded exactly the same. That is actually one reason I was diagnosed with Lupus. They are awful. It makes you not want to eat!

Luckily I worked for a dentist and gum surgeon. They made me some thing special but I have some tips that are very useful! My rheumetologist has my on plaquenil and I rarely get the sores unless I eat alot of acid or soda.

Mary's Magic Mouthwwash is what people have previous mentioned. You can actually mix it up at home or mention it to your dentist. Believe it or not if you rinse with Malaox and spit it out it coats your mouth. It is an ingriedient in the magic mouthwash I believe! Valtrex cream is for the outside of your mouth so you may create pain. Use ambesol or any other brand of numbing gel you can find where the floss is. For your throat, use chloraseptic. Obviously these are just pain relieving methods but they have been useful to me and many cancer patients I know who get blister type sores similar to mine.

I hope this can be useful to you or someone in some kind of way!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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