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lupus flare up

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hi im new to this site but unfortunately not new to lupus. i was diagnosed at 26 after a bout of double pnumonia, im now 39 and had a flare up tuesday which knocked me for six as i havnt had a bad one for a while. Its great to no youre not alone as im sure a lot of sufferers can feel that way at times.I feel a bit of a veteran of lupus having had it for soooo long but you never seem to get used to it.Am of to the doctors today see what they suggest as im fed up with feeling ill all the time. Hi to everyone on this site i hope we can share the good times and the bad and give some support to people with this,at times,awful illness :)
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Hi Panda eyes

Welcome to the site, its great full of lovely people who have a wealth of knowledge about lupus. Sorry to hear that you are not well, hope that your visit to the docs is a successful one!

Hello Panda ! Welcome! So Glad You Found Us. I Agree With Deb About The People On This Site. Come To Chat Soon To Meet Us And Have Some Laughs And Support. Hope Your Dr Appointment Gets You What You Need To Feel Better . Gsd77
Hi Panda, so young to be diagnosed. I have found this site to be a great support. Hope your symptoms subside soon
Hello Panda Eyes,
If your Lupus has been quiet, this is probably a good opportunity to take stock.
Treatments have generally improved and this is a good time for you to get to know us.

Big Welcome and hope you feel better soon!
x Lola

Like you I am a long term Patient. More than half my life !
Panda Eyes,
Hi and Welcome to the site. It seems you have had lupus for awhile. You are right often you do feel alone and that you will never feel better again. I hope you enjoy the site and come to the chat room and visit with us once in awhile. I hope you start feeling better soon and keep us updated on what it going on with you.

thank you deb, have been refered back to the hospital end of march,doctor was amazed at my poor circulation in my hands and feet,especially my feet!I have Raynauds im falling apart!!! ha x:hehe:
thanks GSD77, have to go back to the hospital,yawn! ha
Thank You All!!

To everyone who sent me good wishes yesterday, im not sure im sending theses messages right so i thought id send one to everyone just incase.I have to go back to the hospital end of march my Raynauds has been awful and my boyfriend wants me to go skiing! no chance! id get frost bite! not feeling too bad today a little tired :)
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