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Hello everyone,
So much has been going on and lately no energy that will last all day.

My recent Rhuemy appt. and tests are still neg. Doc says it's in remission.
Mental health wise is depression full stream ahead. Increased on med with no difference. Therapy apt. are going. But need to continue and don't have the energy. I am in a major depression cycle that at times are uncontrollable with crying and thinking negetive. What doesn't help is my mom is getting worse with her condition and she been depressed. It's a negative atmosphere in my house with her. I worry for her then i am annoyed with her. My fianc'e is still out of work and ran out of unemployment. He gets work from his friend who is a mover but its not a five day a week thing. The holidays coming are stressing, I am not in the mood only because I can't yet or don't know if i will be able to xmas shop for my grandchildren.
There are two bad times of the day for me. The mornings, then dinner time. I cant stand cooking anymore, but my mom depends on me to feed her. I just wanted all of you to know that i haven't forgotten you. I sleep away to escape my problems. My fianc'e is still very worried of me. I think he resents my mom at times for my unhappiness.
I forced myself to go to my grandson's birthday party saturday. I was glad i was there to see all my grandkids. They make me smile. I hope we will all see a new change in the economy cause everyone is suffering.

How are all of you coping lately. I hope you are all fine and haven't forgotten me. I hope this all makes sense to you.

Everyone says i look good and i wonder how this is possible to feel the way i do . I have a recent picture i will try to send in my post. It's not the way i look everyday, but some makeup and hair change for the birthday gave me a lift.

Luv to all,

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It's good to hear from you, especially good to hear the lupus is in remission but sorry to hear of the depression troubles. It sounds like you are doing all that you can to help that, and I hope you find a remission from that soon too.

Grandkids are great (kids are great!) and I'm so glad you made the effort to go to the party. Doing that kind of thing is definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself.


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Hi Florie,

Other people I know that have cared for elder parents have gone through the same mixed emotions you are going through. It is probably good that you are going to therapy so you can get some of your feelings out.

I hope your remission lasts for a long time.

Take care,
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