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Lupus in The House of Lords

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Hansard report of proceedings in The Lords 9 July 2008 60th Anniversary of NHS

Scroll down to Lord Crisp's remarks in which he talks about the London Lupus Centre and his conversation with Dr Hughes about TLLC which is a private hospital. I think I must have missed something despite having read it all fairly carefully and the bit about TLLC very carefully but I only read this page.
But I can't see that it is clear that the London Lupus Centre is a private specialist facility so why talk about it in the context of NHS services. We all know how it compares with the Louise Coote Lupus Centre NHS at St Thomas in terms of communications and contacts at all levels not to speak of waiting times for and between appointments and how incredibly strapped for cash St Tom's is.

We can't have political debate on the forum but this is of general concern and I thought I would mention it so that people can take any action they think fit - there is a comments section.
And please let me know if I have misunderstood or should read further ! :)

Wishing all well
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Up until recently I thought there was only one London Lupus Centre, The St Thomas Lupus Coote Unit.

Im wondering if Lord Crisp was talking about St T's not the 'other one'.

Hi Clare,

I read it as you do and it's quite deceitful not mentioning it's a private facility and has nought to do with NHS facilities, why talk about it in that context? :mad:

Hi All
I too think that this is meant to be a reference to the Loiuse Coote centre at Tommies, not the LLC

A bit cheeky really especially since Tommies centre also relies quite heavily on charitable donations, not sure that the government should be taking too much credit.
Sorry If that is too political feel free to delete it.;)
As with others I will try very hard not to get political which might be a challenge.

If I wanted to be kind I might say that the honourable Lord had probably not listened carefully when Dr Hughes was telling him of the work at St Toms. If I wasn't being so kind I would agreed that he was manipulating the truth.
Although that doesn't bug me too much as people should always be praising the work of the NHS without it I dont know how I would cope. Yes it does need some tweaking and could do with significantly more funding but the fact that it is there is wonderful!

I am more irritated with the comment further down the page by the Baroness who suggests that Lupus is only an acute condition and not a long term disability. We really must increase peoples education about this disease because if people in authortiy don't understand the life sentence that Lupus brings then we will continue to struggle to get the assistance we need to live a meaningful life.

Rant Over.
Kit Kat

I had not read the Baronesses comment until you pointed it out....

What is the point of discussing such a serious topic if she has deliberately made a point about a point which is totally inaccurate.

If one writes in to complain ( wherever that may be) does she have to apologise publically?.

Bring back tar and feathering thats what I say:mad:
Dear Clare, I also read it like you, but I missed the further comment re. Lupus being acute. I have joined the site in order to make a comment. Just waiting for their confirmation e mail.
A little knowledge really can be a dangerous thing!
x Lola
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