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Believe it or not ! Talk about awareness on the increase :)

Google's 2008 top 'what is' questions
1.what is love
2.what is life
3.what is java
4.what is sap
5.what is rss
6.what is scientology
7.what is autism
8.what is lupus
9.what is 3g
10.what is art

Google's 2008 top 'how to' questions to draw to kiss to write to cook to tie to hack to run to cite to paint to spell

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Excellent news Clare :) I think I will now start typing into Google search 'What is Lupus' at least 50 times a day. If we all do that we just might make number 1 in 2009!

They are a strange medley of questions though!

Luv n stuff

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Thanks Clare,

Wonderful and interesting news..:)

I still meet people that have never heard of lupus, so any awareness brought
to them about this disease, is a good thing.

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