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Lupus & Menstrual Cycles

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Hello, my name is Kat and I have been diagnosed with Lupus since I was 12 years old. I have always had issues with my monthly as a result of the Lupus; usually it is very heavy and the PMS is unbearable. However, this past month, I completely missed my period and I have no other reasoning besides stress and the Lupus. After doing some research, I have read that it depends on the person.
Does anyone else have this problem and how do you handle it (i.e. medication, not stressing, etc.)?
Thank you!
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I'm also having a missing period dilemma Kat, i put mine down to just starting methotrexate, and i read that it can stop or halter the regularity of your cycle. It's so frustrating, and annoying, try not to get worried about it- not best at it i confess, but need to think that our bodies have got so much to be getting on with all the medication we pump into it on a daily basis no wonder some of the regularites struggle. I'm also on a proestrogen pill, which may alter my periods too - don't know if thats the same for you. Just have to keep with it i'm afraid.
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