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Lupus on Channel 4

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There is a new 8 week program/project on channel 4 called Routes-i just caught an advert for it. It is all about genes and the main subject of the series is a woman who has SLE. I haven't seen the program but the website for the project is (i think its an educational thing about genes for young people).

interesting link on there though$1190770.htm about lupus genes xxx
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That sounds most interesting. Thanks for letting us know about it Mooks
All the best and hugs :)
PS I'll try to see why that addy isn't showing as a link and doesn't copy either.
Thanks Mooks

Im just going to try and see if I can post the direct link here$1190770.htm

Hope it works!

PS - yes that seems to be working alright
My brain isn't working at all folks and can't find out when it's on? Does anyone know as I'd be interested to see it.


Pam x
I did notice they want blood.
I couldn't see anything on the web site about dates but you can play back the info of all 8 topics (once they have got that far) on the website you gave. It is on part 2 at the moment.
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