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Lupus, Ovarian Cysts, Womb prolapse. . . . Connected?

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Does anyone know if ovarian cysts or womb prolapses are in anyway related to lupus. I have been referred to a rhemy to hopefully get diagnosed and i am just doing my list of symptoms.


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mighty fine question

hi lou

i have no idea if they could be linked to lupus or not. my quess would be most likey not but you never know. there are much smarter people than i am here who may be able to give you a more definative answer. i will say that i had both and had a hysterectomy years ago but lupus never came up

sorry i didn't have an answer but it was a mighty fine question :rolleyes:

hugs and kisses
Ovarian cysts are common with a lot of people even thoses that don't have lupus. The pill helps with the discomfort that accompanies the cysts and can even help with not developing more. You should have them watched from time to time to make sure that they are not causes extra problems as they can. In my family alone there are 15 of the females that have the cysts. My daughter has them so bad that when here period is here it makes them flare very badly, she spends the first couple days in bed with a heating pad. Best of luck and I hope you feel well soon.
Didnt think so but it came within couple months of each other so just made me think about it.

Thanks for replying.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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