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Hello, I know you probably hear this alot, or get alot of newbies asking this question... Is this a Lupus Rash?

Diagnosied with Fibro 8 years ago..... Thought to have Lupus.

Over the course of the past 8 years I have been shoved from Dr. to Dr. and several times have thought I had Lupus. At one point they even tested me for MS...

My symptoms as of now include:

Headaches ( almost daily)
Extreme Fatigue ( feel as if I cannot hold the phone to my ear or blow dry my hair)
Muscle weakness (legs and arms feel like spaghetti)
heart palpitations
My insides hurt around my rib cage boths sides
If I take a deep breath I feel pain
Sun Sensitivity ( instant headache, swelling in areas touched by sun)
Wake up with swollen hands fingers and face, like my eyes swelled
I feel disoriented at times, like I cannot think straight, and I tend to have blurred visions at these times.
low iron levels off and on, anemia more than not.
Stiff every morning, cant bend my neck down at all.
Extreme Reflux
Hair loss
Fluid retention in both ankles and calves of legs
Ulcers come and go in mouth

My ANA has been positive several times over the past years, but when I go back like in a 6 month check up, levels are back close to normal.

I had never had a "rash" like this ever, until last few weeks..... I went to my son's baseball game, and this was during a time, when I felt so weak, horrible I had pain, I felt as if I couldnt "go". My husband noticed this. on both arms, backside. It was a rasied red blotchy rash. After a few days of staying in the house, it started to get pinkish in color. Went with a friend to swim, it came back. I decided to stay in , not only because of the rash but because I felt so yucky, it started to slowly go away and left a "scaley" feel to it, and it has remained.

Im so confused, my Rheumy is out of town 3 hours away, so went to see GP he says "hives" and sends me to allergist, allergist says "no way" hives go away after 24 hours, and he highly suspects auntoimmune disease. Of course we all know how difficult it can be to diagnosis this, and my allergist when through all of that speech. I want to come to you all, because some of you that do have it may be able to tell me, your opnions and if I should be worried or what??

Im so so very tired... and appreciate any responses you may have, I have been lurking the boards trying to read posts to gain any insight I can to this disease...

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